About Pathways

Kaskaskia College is introducing a new one-of-a-kind digital tool that will enable current or prospective students to chart an educational map towards their chosen career. Career Pathways offers students help to develop a customized, step-by-step plan to complete their academic goals, regardless of their program interest.

Career Pathways allows a user to choose from one of 16 career clusters, then select one of KC's programs that offer a degree or certificate towards that career. After an additional click, the user will receive a plan featuring the classes required to earn the degree or certificate, specific jobs the training provides, and regional job opportunities in that career pathway. The program also includes links to four-year colleges and universities in which KC has transfer agreements that would allow the user to explore options to transfer to earn a bachelor's degree in the field.

The pathway program also provides high school students with information on the dual credit and summer classes available while still in school and cost savings for the degree.

Career Pathways is also an excellent tool for students and their parents to learn about career and educational opportunities available to them and individuals looking for a career change. It highlights the affordability of KC and the job opportunities accessible locally.

The Kaskaskia College Career Pathways program is available on the KC website at https://pathways.kaskaskia.edu or through the KC Connect app.